Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Over!!!!

Officially, stopped the juice fast today,

I gave if one more day (total 11 days) just for good measure.

Blood pressure still doing great, this morning 129/77, couldn’t want anything better.  Morning fasting blood sugar has been under 100 for the past 11 days so I will not be checking it every morning.  Those little test strips are pricey.   I will monitor it weekly.   Still not having any back pain or leg pain, joints all seem to be moving as they should.   No pain meds!!  Energy is up, sleeping is good.  (Of course the new mattress might have someting to do with that).  Of course there is no more of this:

or this

DIET or Otherwise!!!!

My plan!

 At least ,for the next couple of weeks, juice in the morning, green smoothie for lunch and all the veggies (cooked and raw) for supper and snacks .  I will incorporate nuts into my diet either ground in my smoothie or raw in salads and snacks.  Also, I am adding ground Flax seed in my smoothies, about ¼ to 1/3 cup.   I do not want to go vegan or vegetarian, totally.  I know some of you are but I’m not there yet.
My cataract surgery is scheduled for August 15.  I want to keep my body well-nourished with veggies and fruit until then.    After the eye business, I will add one new food a week to see what it can tolerate.  I do not want to go back to the pain, edema and high blood pressure.    I think this is a good way to proceed.
BTY 12lbs weight lost.  Now, that was worth the fasting. 

One of my friends has started juicing, not a juice fast but incorporating more juice into her diet.  She has already begun to see results after just 2 days.  Juicing is amazing!

Out with my Boys

Yesterday, hot or not, took my little guys to the dog park. It was empty in the small dog area. In the large dog area there was only one dog running around. It was hot but in the sitting on the bench in the shade there was a nice strong breeze blowing. We stayed about 45 minutes.

Both dogs got their fair share of sniffing and smelling in to last them a while. They ran all over the place and looked like they were having fun.  The large dog came close to the fence between the two areas and little Vito commenced to barking like there was a lion approaching.  This is the most activity I have seen out of him since he came to live with us about 3 weeks ago. It was like he was protecting me and his little brother, Val.   Now, Valentino on the other hand ran up to the fence and wanted to play with the other dog.  I’m confused.  At home, Valentino seems to be the one who takes the aggressive stance in the yard and Vito just kind of stands around. Well I’m sure the dogs know what is going on, so I’ll let them handle it.

Vito in Action
Nothing much going on around here today went to New Orleans yesterday to run some needed errands.  Today, schedule is free maybe the gym this afternoon. Found my book on simplifying your life (that I had misplaced it should give you a clue) maybe I will get to work in this office and the filing that needs to be purged.  Yes that’s the ticket!  I’ll get to that file cabinet. 
Keep Cool an Be Safe!

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  1. Good job! The more I read, the more I'm thinking about doing a little juicing. :)


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