Wednesday, February 5, 2014

 It has been much fun sitting home painting. 

The weather has been running a muck and not fit for man nor beast.  Last night, I was in New Orleans and it was in the 70's as I started home across the Causeway bridge my car temp read 71 F when I exited the other end, 26 miles later, it read 58 F.  Then the thunderstorms came down with a vengeance.  I could hardly see to drive.  Today, it is in the 40's.  This weather is loony all over the country.  Is there another Mr Freeze running around somewhere, where is batman when you need him?

Discovered a new site for watercolor challenges see it here

Their theme for February is Carnival.  There are several photos to choose from to paint.  I chose two and merged them together to make one painting.  Here is my effort.


Watercolor on 140 lb, 9 x 12 rough paper.  Image is 5 x 7.