Monday, October 22, 2012

Re-Construction of this site has been completed. 

No plant, animals or people were injured in this process even though you might not see them any longer in their orginal form, they are alive and well.

The other day, I accidently deleted my blog photos in Picasa, Ugh!!!!

I put back the photos but they might be in videos, now.  It was too, labor intensive to go photo by photo.  Please understand my dilemma and thank you for your patience.

I now have a new word etched in my vocabulary,


I, of all people, who preach this on a regular basic should have followed my own advice.  Why do we think it will never happen to us?

Here a little something to bright your day.

It worked for me. One day last spring, I was driving through the French Quarter with some friends and we came across this mini, impromptu,  parade with Mardi Gras Indians and all.  We stoped the car in the middle of the street, like everyone else, to join in the fun.  Gosh, I love this city!!  Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall has come to the South--at least for this week!!!

I’ve been having a dry spell blogging, just not enough time in the day.  Funny how we get ourselves so busy with this and that, rabbit trails, and such, with the Fall weather coming it seems like the list are endless.  I believe I am making headway, though. 

Grandsons Austin and Addison
The new crispness in the air makes me think about making soup.  I love to make soup and have many favorites and a few I have tampered with to come up with some tasty dishes.  In the next few weeks I will be posting some of these recipes.
The only thing I love buying more than electronic gadgets is buying kitchen gadgets.  Here are a couple items I ran across that looked so handy dandy I couldn’t resist.

My grandson, Emery was deployed to Afghanistan on September 9.  This is so scary; he is only 19 years old!  I have been on a mission to see that he receives packages from home.  With the help of his brothers, sister and cousins we are trying to make sure he gets something from home every week, a hand written letter or a package of goodies.   We have communicated with him through Facebook and text messages and he says he is doing fine.  He is in God’s hands all we can do is pray for him and all those young people who are overseas serving their country and protecting us.
Emery on Right
That's all for now.  Thanks for coming.