Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Day in the Morning!

Why is it so hard to get test results from your doctor.  You'd think I wanted his credit card number of something.  I have been trying since Friday and I keep getting the run around, the doctor has to review them before we can give them to you.  What a croc.   I did manage to get out of the nurse that all the results were normal.  That's good news but I would like to see the results.

Day 6 on Re-Boot.  It is going great not hungry and BP is very good.  Shooting for 10 days on the re-boot and will then incorporate cooked and raw veggie and fruit with the juicing.

I am very interested to see if this keeps the BP in line.  After years on a diuretic or blood pressure, I am amazed to see, I have no swollen ankles at all.  I have given up all Aleve, and Ibuprofen, which I'm sure has been destroying my kidneys.  I have not had any pain on rising.

I didn't think I could live without 2 Aleve each morning.

Still Juicing and Loving it!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dr. Visit

A brief note:  Day 4 on Re-Boot doing wonderful, lots of energy and not hungry, Yah.  Just returned from my GP Dr., Blood Pressure 112/76 I still do not have my blood test but this is a good start.  More later....Juice on!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Been A While

Life has been busy for the last couple of weeks.

Having a bit of summer fun, took a day trip to the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Casinos. We made a day of it, a whole day.  Departed noon from home and didn't get back home until 10:00PM.  What a day, such fun and won a little bit of money ($60).  This paid for the day of fun and fuel, too, not bad for Friday 13th, eh?


Back on July 7, we added a new member to our family, Vito.

He is a rescue from the Italian Greyhound Reuse of Louisiana.  Vito is a 4 year old male.  His owner couldn’t keep him any longer.  She was losing her house and had to go live with her son in Nevada, her heartbreak is my blessing.


Himself  Mr. Vito

What a wonderful little guy, Vito.  He is so calm and quite.  This is such a contrast to Valentino, my current IG who is going on 2 years old.   There was a period of adjustment poor little guy didn’t know what was going on.  For the past month, Vito had been moved from his original owner to one of the IGRL people.  He was taken to a vet to be updated on his shots and to be neutered (poor thing).  After a week or so, he was moved to another IGRL person in New Orleans, after 2 weeks Vito is home with me. 

It has only been two weeks and every day Vito is getting more and more at easy.  Little Vito is 14 inches about 3 inches shorter than Valentino.  Italian Greyhounds are usually about 13 to 15 inches, although small can be as small as 10 inches (Pocket Iggy’s) or like Valentino, 17inches.  He is called a Biggie Iggy.

The Boys at Play

Valentino is an active dog, he bounces all over the place and he loves to run.   When I would have company, he wanted to play all the time.   He would not jump on them but he always wanted attention.  Now, since Vito is here he has calmed down a lot.  They wait until the person gets seated and they smell them and then go lie down and mind there business.  My house is now peaceful, again.  The dogs have access to the backyard through a doggie door so there still is lots of running, when weather permits.

Vito has been a great new addition to our pack.  He is crate trained and Valentino has been using his crate, something he would never do before, there is hope.

I have a few photos but between the rain and the hot weather it has been difficult.  Hope you enjoy.  This is mostly, what they do during the day.

In the computer room with me under the table.

To Boot (the meds) or Re-Boot.

(Disclaimer: this is by no means something I suggest you do.  This is just what I am doing.  I am seeing a Naturopath doctor as well as my GP, and I did go to a Cardiologist (the one with the meds) for blood work and a ultrasound (of valves) to make sure all is right physiology.)

Ok, so a couple of weeks Ok I noticed I was not feeling so great and start having palpations almost every day.  What was up with that?  Now, I have experienced palpitations before but maybe 2-3 times a year but this had me concerned.  I decided to check out my blood pressure 7/12/12:-- BP 178/73- Pulse 73--fasting Blood Sugar 112 .

I am not a diabetic and I don’t want to be one.  Now, a couple of years ago, I had back surgery and after that the cardio doctor told me I did not need the BP pills I had been taking for the past 25 years.  My BP is considered a low high.  He gave me a mild diuretic to keep my pressure close to normal.   I watched my salt intake and took this .25 mg fluid pill a day.   So now what was going on?

Remember, when we listen to everything the doctors told us without question?  Boy, are those days over, my doctor hates to see me coming.  I started researching why the rise in the systolic pressure?  I was not happy with what I found.  Being the professional dieter, that I am, I had to cease and desist the Martini’s for a few months while I concentrated on my food program.  Well, about a month ago, I had lost about 17 pounds and it was time to celebrate.  (I know it’s wrong, but I’m trying to be honest here so give me a break, K?)

Bring on the nightly Martini’s and maybe a second one for good measure.  The research states alcohol can increase your systolic pressure and when that goes up it can cause palpitations.  Who needs medical school when you got the internet?  Well, I’m not crazy, so I go to the doctor and he wants to give me these Bata Blockers, not I tell him.  We shall find and alternative.  I am having test run as mention, still waiting for the results.  I will find out Monday about the blood test.  I have had these tests before and they always come out normal.  Hopefully this will be the same result.


On July 19th and July 20th I decided to take one of my old BP pills, it is mild as BP pills go, and not a Bata Blocker or an Ace Inhibitor. 

Started Re-Boot 7/20/12-- 9:00  BP116/63—Pulse 66 took BP med at 10am

This morning 7/21/12   10:00AM-- BP 132/61—Pulse 96 decide no meds to see if I get true BP readings.. I am monitoring BP 3 times a day and checking my Blood Sugar each morning just to make sure.

Made-up a Cajun Sunrise Juice for lunch and it was great.




4 Carrots, 1 Bell Pepper, 1 Banana Pepper, 1 beet, 4 green onions, 4 stalks of celery, 1 apple, 1 orange.

Had lunch at 1:15PM at 3:50PM took BP 90/61- pulse 95.  This is the reason I am not taking the meds right now so I can see what is working Meds or Re-Boot.  My money is on the re-Boot.

Hope I don’t bore you with all this diet and health stuff!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day from Abita Springs, La.

 A little something for the folks who didn't get to see fireworks tonight. 

This small town put on a great fireworks show that lasted about 35 minutes.  Listen to the sounds of the children surrounding us.  Some of them loved it and some screamed in terror.  Remember when you were little and watched your first fireworks display, small town fun and the end to a perfect day.  We got some rain today but it cleared up for tonight's show.  

Hope everyone enjoyed their Day of Independence and remember how good life can be with the simply things. 

Happy Trails be safe!
Video is best if full screen.