Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Day in the Morning!

Why is it so hard to get test results from your doctor.  You'd think I wanted his credit card number of something.  I have been trying since Friday and I keep getting the run around, the doctor has to review them before we can give them to you.  What a croc.   I did manage to get out of the nurse that all the results were normal.  That's good news but I would like to see the results.

Day 6 on Re-Boot.  It is going great not hungry and BP is very good.  Shooting for 10 days on the re-boot and will then incorporate cooked and raw veggie and fruit with the juicing.

I am very interested to see if this keeps the BP in line.  After years on a diuretic or blood pressure, I am amazed to see, I have no swollen ankles at all.  I have given up all Aleve, and Ibuprofen, which I'm sure has been destroying my kidneys.  I have not had any pain on rising.

I didn't think I could live without 2 Aleve each morning.

Still Juicing and Loving it!!!


  1. I think a lot of things can be handled with dietary changes. A little exercise, too. I brought down my cholesterol that way. I'd much rather do that then take an Rx. Sounds like you're doing great! :)


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