Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day from Abita Springs, La.

 A little something for the folks who didn't get to see fireworks tonight. 

This small town put on a great fireworks show that lasted about 35 minutes.  Listen to the sounds of the children surrounding us.  Some of them loved it and some screamed in terror.  Remember when you were little and watched your first fireworks display, small town fun and the end to a perfect day.  We got some rain today but it cleared up for tonight's show.  

Hope everyone enjoyed their Day of Independence and remember how good life can be with the simply things. 

Happy Trails be safe!
Video is best if full screen.


  1. Thanks for the fireworks show! Here in Colorado there is a full ban on fireworks, fires, smoking outside, etc.

    I loved the little kid's belly laugh at the beginning of the video! :)


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