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February Challenge: Street Scenes:

Mighty Live Oak

Taken 8/8/12 Jahncke Street, Covington, La.
Sony DSC-W220   F-Stop 3.2  Exposure Time 1/125  ISO 125

Spanish Moss

Taken 8/8/12 Jahncke Street, Covington, La.
Sony DSC-W220   F-Stop 4.0  Exposure Time 1/60  ISO 125

 Unicorn of with a Fashion Statement
(notice her bike is also decorated with feathers)

Taken 2/11/13 Jackson Ave. New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day 
Sony DSC-W220   F-Stop 5.8  Exposure Time 1/100  ISO 400


  1. Welcome to the challenge, Harriet! Wow, that sure is a big live oak. The canopy has to be massive. And the spanish moss is so pretty hanging off of the limbs. You can tell that street is located in the south! And the unicorn lady is quite hilarious. Oh my word, it looks like she got lost from a fantasy convention. I guess those kind of outfits are to be expected during the Mardi Gras! And the decorated bike completes the fashion ensemble, LOL. Thanks for joining in this month with your lovely photos!

  2. Excellent! That live oak is stunning. I wonder how old it is? And... who would have thought you would ever capture a unicorn, let alone a unicorn with a smart phone!!!

  3. Covington looks like a beautiful town - I had to Google it and found it is in Louisiana!!!
    (I can be excused for that as I'm on the other side of the world)!!
    Wonderful old trees and I love that spanish moss - magical scenes.
    The Mardi Gras one is fun - she has gone all out with her costume and matching bike!!!

  4. Love the trees in the beautiful street scenes. That live oak is huge and so beautiful. Now the last photo sure is interesting. A wonderful selection for the challenge.

  5. I am so glad that you had your camera! It's not every day that one sees a unicorn! She's really pretty.

  6. That's a great costume for Mardi Gras…….guess unicorns use mobile phones too!
    Beautiful trees - only in our south!!


  7. We have friends in New Iberia...Beautiful country...
    Love your shots!

  8. That is a big old majestic oak and the unicorn is a cute costume.


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