Monday, July 1, 2019

Something New on the Horizon

Back in the eighties and nineties I wrote some poetry but life gets in the way.  Recently, an invitation to a local poetry club meeting came to my email.   It was purely by accident that I received the email, but I attended.  This sparked something down deep in my soul.  The ideas started to run around in my head until I put them down on paper.  

One day I sat down and wrote a list of memories from my childhood.  It amazed me how the writing flowed through my keyboard onto the page.  The poems and stories alike are from life experiences.  As I write each story or poem, I am brought back to that day and time in my life.  It has given me such a pleasure to share these memories with others, especially if that someone was the subject of the story or poem.

Hope others have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Check out my new writing blog.  "Through The Fog a Writer's Journey" at the link below.

Also here is a link to my art blog:  "Halmay Galleries"

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

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