Monday, August 27, 2012


It's the waiting that gets to you most!!  This photo was taken in Miami yesterday.


Still at home watching the weather channel for updates.   Tomorrow morning, will head for my daughter's house north about half hour from me.  She is on 3 high and dry acres with no trees around the house.  I am in a good area no flooding, but I have many trees around my place.  Not a good thing I found out during Katrina, I loss 12 trees.  
Looks like this storm will bring more rain than winds but you just never know.
Car packed and everything secured at the house inside and out.  Dogs have been following me around all day long. They know something is up. 
God protect the people in Isaac's path who do not have the ways and means to run for cover. 
Well that about it for now, should be in bed by now but sleep is nowhere to be found!!
Peace to all!



  1. Safe travels to your daughter's house!

  2. Good luck to you and your family, neighbors and friends. I hope the damage is minimal and everyone will be okay. Drive safe!


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