Sunday, September 2, 2012

Isaac has left the area!!!!!!!!!!!!

Power back on finally, yesterday!  I have a generator (gas powered) so I was able to crank up the frig and a small TV with a DVD player so the kids could watch movies. 


Getting fuel for the generator was a royal pain and lots of waiting in long lines.  Seeing how many of you are on solar power I am going to look into to finding a way to go solar on that generator.  I read something on,  rvsue and her canine crew, about a man in who had a repair truck with generators and he was solar.   Any suggestion would be helpful.


Cable back on about an hour ago, now I have TV, Phone and INTERNET!!!!  Yea!!


All is well at my house and my daughter’s house in Folsom.  Small branches all over the yard but nothing too big, I will think about cleaning it up next week, need to recuperate from this stress a bit. 


Isaac came in Tuesday evening and it stayed until Thursday morning.  Rain, rain and more rain, and the wind relentless, it blew about 30 to 35 mph with gust about 60 to 70mph for all that time. 

We four stayed busy playing board games and cards by candlelight.  Pizza was the food of the day. I am afraid my vegan lifestyle when out the window.  It just was not possible to be particular about food at this time.  I don’t care what you were told, but cookies will calm you down in an emergency.

Did I mention there were 6, yes, six dogs in the house counting my 2.  Every time I let my dogs out the wind would pick up and I would have to walk out in the yard with them before they would go.

Although, the storm has passed this area and I am safe and sound, some areas close by, about 25 miles away are still being threating by floods because of broken and breached locks and dams.  Please keep these folks in your prayers.

Thanks for all the well wishes, it was greatly appreciated.

I’ll close now so I can read the all emails that have stacked up since my internet was out.

Be safe out there.  Blessings to all.

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  1. I'm glad you made it through with no damage. Very scary and inconvenient, but at least you came though it okay. I love storms, but I've never been in a situation that felt risky, so I can't imagine how a hurricane must feel. I don't suppose I'd be too happy to be in one of your storms.


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