Monday, August 13, 2012

Did you ever play tourist in your own town?

Most of us take the cities we live in for granted.  The other day I decided to ride around and see what my little community had to offer.  I thought you might like to see what I discovered.

Live Oak 100 years +

Low branches make for childhood fun

Fern growing with the Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss
Spanish Moss grows on the North side of trees.

I love when city planners respect the Live Oaks.

When I drive down this street my mind drifts back to the past.  I begin to wonder how it would have been to have grown-up here, say, 70, 80, 100 years ago.  It must have been wonderful to play in these yards and climb these trees. 

You can almost see Opie coming down the road.
The porches are a part of Southern living and who could do without a swing.  On hot nights families would sit out and enjoy the lake or river breezes.  I grew-up and lived most of my adult life in New Orleans but we still did porch sitting.  Parents would sit and talk and children would play until it was cool enough to go to bed.  Seems like back then it was not as hot but I am sure, as a child, that was not an issue for us.


Can’t you see kids running with the dog, tossing a ball back and forth in this yard while mom and dad sit back sipping sweet tea?  My Great Aunt Agnes would have a glass of Gallo, red wine every evening on the porch.  She lived to her middle nineties, just saying....  

Not my house growing-up but close enough for you to get the idea of the banquettes in front of the houses.  We lived on a wide boulevard in a district called Mid-City, in New Orleans.

For us city dwellers, with not much front yard but plenty of cement banquettes, (sidewalks) for skating, and playing hopscotch, we also, played freeze or statue.  Do you remember that game?  You run around like crazy and when the “IT” person yells, freeze !, you do, no matter what position you’re in at the time.  If you move you are out. 

So inviting!


Love the white picket fencing.

Most of these houses are well over 100.  Although, some newer ones have been built they are in keeping with the period. I have been coming “across the lake” for the last 25 years but I have only been living here since 2000.

What a find!

Glass all around.

I love this Greenhouse or Summer house whatever it purpose.

Much has change in the last twenty-five years and of course Katrina severely damaged many of the old places on the lake front but back along the Bogue Falaya River things have remained much the same.

Rediscover your town and show it to us, would love to see it through your eyes.  I will continue to seek out gems of my town and share them with you. This has been a quiet respite for me.  I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I enjoyed it, and never realized the moss grew on the north side of the tree. :)

    I'm really struggling with that prove you're not a robot thing with numbers and letters to figure out. Is there a reason you're using that awful word verification?

  2. Judy- Glad you enjoyed the post. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I don't know how to get around it.


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