Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cataract surgery over and done and it was a breeze.

The surgery took about 10 minutes and the doctor said it was one of the most flawless surgeries he has ever done.  I arrived at 7:30 AM and left at 9:30 AM. Yea for me!  I am still a bit cocked eyed, since that eye has not returned to pre-dilation status.  The doctor said it would be 50% better today and by the weekend it will be 100%.

This morning I work up and could see across the room.  I am nearsighted and I had a corrective lens (for distance seeing) put in that eye.  Seeing close and reading without my glasses has never been a problem for me.  The doctor told me to try and not wear my glasses so my brain can get use to one eye for distance and one eye for close up vision.  It is a bit of a challenge since the surgery eye is not at 100%, yet.  Eventually, I will need the surgery in the right eye.

For anyone who is contemplating this surgery, let me say it was painless before , during and after.  I am so happy I did this the results so far, are awesome.

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