Saturday, May 26, 2012

This might be a possibility...just saying.

Stopped by to place eyes on this 1995 Jayco motor home. I know itis old but the price is good.  It is a good way to start.  Th Jayco defiantly needs some TLC and a bit of body work on the drivers side.  I could see the inside through the windows and it could use a cleaning but not too, bad.  

One thing is the AC is leaking and would need to be fixed.  It only has the one AC for the vehicle.  I will have to think about that one.. maybe I could buy a small AC and use shore power to run it?  There is no stove, only a sink and Frig (small).  All this can be worked around, I have all sorts of stuff I can do with this little motorhome.

The main thing is how does it run?  I will check it out Tuesday or earlier. if I can.  My friend's husband, Tim is coming with me.  He knows a lot about cars and trucks and should be able to tell me if it is worth the investment.  It might be cheap but it's all still money I can't toss away.  It does have a ful sized spare on the back (not showing here).



Had and exceptional time at the family reunion in New Orleans, today.   They are family and you got to love 'em,.  The crazy ones, too.  It was wonderful to see everyone in a good setting and not at a wake or funeral.  We older cousins are all that is left of my mother's side of the family.   We had our 1st cousins, with their husbands, their children, their grandchildren and some great grandchildren. 

I finally had everyone in one place to get the family tree unscrambled.  Now, all I need to do is type it in some format and send it to everyone.  We will start collecting photos from everyone and get them into this tree.  I have several photos of my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, uncles and aunts that now one else has and I am sure they have some as well.  Need to pass this on before, it gets lost and forgot.  My mother's family arrived in New Orleans, in the early 1800's and lived in an area call mid-city until present.  The cousin who hosted this shin-dig still leaves there.   Katrina and other hurricanes can't drive us out but maybe up.  When he rebuilt his house after Katrina, he raised it 10 feet.  He is a retired fire chief.  His brother is retired form the fire department.  Another cousin is a retire detective from New Orleans Police department.  We defiantly show our Irish!!! 

That's it for tonight, tired.  Way too, many little kids today running all over the place.  It's Martini time!!

Happy Trails!

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