Friday, May 25, 2012

Where Did I Leave Off...

Belly Massage is therapeutic and healing.

Ok, so about 20 days ago, I was going to learn about, “The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy”.  Well, I did and I have a certificate to prove it.  It was such a great day.  It might not have been Rving, but I had and adventure just the same. 

The place was tucked deep into the woods down this gravel road, quite secluded and off the beaten path.  We entered through a picked gate and were immediately greeted by the owner’s two large dogs.  What a treat!  They were super friendly.  The female was part Golden Retriever and the male, a Catahoula mix, with blue eyes.  His name was Chaos.  I’m sorry, I forget the female dog’s name.

This place was positively enchanting.  Considering, my house is only about 5 miles away, I was amaze I did not know about it.  The instructor proceeded to tell us everything we would be covering that day.  There were 6 students, bellies at the ready, waiting to learn this marvelous way to heal and how to keep our organs aligned correctly in our bodies.
A cool front having come in during the night kept the temperature at a perfect 72o.  It was a cloudy with a slight northerly, breeze.  A little too, cool for swimming in the spring fed swimming pool.  After we finished our lunch break the rain came gently down.

The building we were using had a wall of windows on one side that faced the woods and a natural spring bubbling up for the wildlife to use.  Oh My Gosh, such a relaxing day.  We ended at 4:30pm and we all hated to leave.

Sunday, I will be returning there for an Herb Fest and I can't hardly wait.

The road is long but the destination is in sight.

The saga continues as I search for motorhomes and travel trailers.  I defiantly, know what I don’t want, so I am making progress.  What I want I cannot afford so I must modify my plan a bit.
My unemployment is just about to run out.  Now, I can make it on my SS income but my activities will be curtailed, considerably.  Plan remixed:  Save Money with a vengeance.  I developed a strict budget.  I also, will be selling off a lot of the stuff I managed to collect over time.  Heck, my kids will just give it all to the Goodwill anyway when I’m gone.  Now, I am not a stranger to hard work.  I’ve done my share and I might just have to do it some more—at least for a while to get what I want, unless I can think of something to do to make money on the road.

Just got off the phone with a friend of mine, she spotted a Chevy Conversion Van not far for here.  I called the guy and will go out to see it Tuesday.  Yea, Jane! Thank you.  Some friends, like Jane, are so supportive, others not so much.

Family reunion for just the cousins Saturday, in New Orleans and Sunday Herb Fest and Monday BBQ with friends gonna be a big weekend.

Next week, I am going to go to a state park in Mississippi for a couple of days.  Not Rving but it’s the closest I can get right now.  I will take pictures to share so it will seem like I am one of you guys, almost.  It might be awhile but I’ve got a plan so it will happen.

Ya’ll have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day started after the Civil War to pay tribute to the United States Armed Forces who have died in war or while otherwise serving their country.  If you are close to a military or non-military cemetery anyone is free to pay their respects to those who made the greatest possible sacrifice so that the rest of us can continue to do what we enjoy doing.  The traditional time to visit cemeteries or war memorials is at 3PM local time on Memorial Day, which is Monday. U.S. flags will be flown at half-mast until noon.  If you are not close to a cemetery of war memorial please pay tribute to the U.S. men and women who died during military service by observing a minute of silence at 3:00 PM, local time.”

Happy Trails

PS: Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors--I do;)

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