Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exploring for Campers

Yesterday, I ventured out to my local RV dealers.  My goal was to see just what types and sizes would best suit me.   The answer is all of them.  What a conundrum!    I’m still on the fence about Class C’s and Travel Trailers.   Reading blogs on rving, it seems there are many reasons one would have for both types.
Class C does provide a safety factor (not having to go out your vehicle to drive away from trouble) and the convenience of park and basically; you’re ready to enjoy the surroundings.   Down side is the mileage factor, wow!   If I were to get the Class C it would be one of the smaller ones under 20 feet.  The born free motor coach is just the ticket, everything but the price that is!   Mileage on Born Free is about 13 mpg highway.

I’m not too, sure about that bathroom, though.
Travel Trailers afford you more room inside to move around which is a good thing.   I love to look at stuff so meandering around the local area; say within a 100 mile radius is something I want to be able to do.  Having a tow vehicle I can detach from my living quarters might be the way to go.  Since, I do not have a tow vehicle at this time; I am just guesstimating what the mpg would be on say a Ford 150 V8.  This is what I see on the Internet: The 2010 Ford F-150s have 3 engine choices.  Below are some configurations.

4.6L 2-valve
V8 ~ ~ ~ 22mpg highway / 16mpg city
4.6L 3-valve V8 ~ ~ ~ 21mpg highway / 16mpg city
5.4L 3-valve V8 ~ ~ ~ 20mpg highway / 13mpg city
Since, Ford has the market on Class C chassis.   I figured I would opt for a Ford Truck.   Of course,  I understand that this is just for the truck with no junk in it.   O & G this is turning into  a full blown course on rving, trucks, mileage, insurance, finance, and  logistics but if I’m going to do it right these step are most important. 


  1. Have you looked at the Winnebago Via Class C? It get really great gas mileage. When we downsize we would probably go to that. Sure see lots of them in the rv parks.

  2. I don't think I would consider the 4.6L for towing...I have a ford ranger with a 4L and I would not tow even my little trailers with it. They say you can but when they give the statistics that is for a perfect world...straight wind ..etc. Like you say..take your time and do your won't be sorry.


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