Friday, June 1, 2012

A Pause that Refreshes

A Short Prelude of Peace and Quiet.. or at least I thought!

This evening about 6 PM, I decided to take my little fellow OUT, the magic word.  He has been patient with me as I tended to things away from the house.  Mind you he has a ¼ acre in which to roam but it is not the same as taking a RIDE, another magic word.

We left for a drive along the lake and stopped at an outlook that extends out into the lake.  They have tables and benches and trees for shade.  There are also wharfs you can fish and crab off.  A  great place to unwind and watch the sun go down.

 As we walked, he did what dogs do, he read the scents that were left behind form other dogs.  People and cars can and went.  There was a couple who left on a motorcycle.  Valentino has never seen or been close to a motorcycle.  If was funny to watch his expressions as he tried to figure out just what to do about it.  Like watching a 2 or 3 year old learn about his world.
 What in the hey was that?
 OMG It moves fast!
Did you see that?

As we left, there was a car stopped on the wrong side of the roadway looking at something in the one of the inlet waterways.  I slowed down to see.  There, a big old alligator, just swimming around back and forth.  You cannot see in the picture but there was men standing on the bank by those cement pilings throwing a cast net just in front of the gator.  I guess the alligator thought it would get some food if he waited around. 
 The man Cast netting was just above on the cement pilings!
 He was about 6 foot long.

Now this is the reason I don't swin in this lake!

It was a bit of nature right here at my doorstep not quite out there Rving but fun never the less.

 Cypress tress and Cypress knees in the forground.
 One of the inlet canals

 Sailboats out in the Lake.

Interview went well this morning.  The job is interesting and something I would love to do.  This is a new position and they need someone to do some organizational stuff.  Right up my alley.  They will make a decision in about 2 weeks when the finish interviewing.  We’ll see!

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