Thursday, June 28, 2012

ROAD TRIP!!!!!! (Part 1)

The problem with reading travel blogs is that it makes you want to travel.  

Last Friday, morning, I decided I needed a mini trip in the worst way.  Gas prices were dropping and it was a perfect time to hit the road.   The kennel had room for my buddy, Valentino (his first time in a kennel).   The plan was developing just fine, so I packed a few things, put the ice chest in the car, grabbed the dog and was on my way.  Valentino was delivered to the kennel without any drama on either end (me or him).  I was officially, starting my mini vacation.  

Now, I used the word “plan” loosely, because the only plan I had was to get out of this house for a few days.   The following is what I happened on as I drove the roads in search of fun, excitement and a much needed attitude adjustment.

Deciding west was the best way, since it would get me quickest to unseen before territory.  Traffic looks good as I entered I-12.  Just a quick comment here, if you don’t have to go through Baton Rouge don’t. Baton Rouge is a nightmare bumper to bumper traffic, 2 hours to cross the Mississippi River.  I would have turned around and went back home but traffic was bad in all directions.  At this point, I make a mental note to avoid coming back this way even if I have to go to the MS Coast and come home from the east.

My first stop was Beaumont, TX.  

The La Quinta Inn was clean and cool and I was ready for a great meal and some good A/C.   I plug in my laptop so I could search for what to do next.  The laptop is not working something about a missing ini file, great, this is just great, now what to do.   Just then my youngest daughter calls, (she was a little surprised to find out I was in Beaumont).   I ask her to do a search on animal drive-thru parks in East Texas.  She finds two.  Both are around Lufkin, TX area just off Tx Hwy 69.  What luck, I am right at the Hwy 69 exit.   Now, I have a definite plan.

Next morning, breakfast at the hotel and I’m off heading north on Hwy 69, this is going to be fun.  See the fun stuff I found.  What a great time I had on my mini vacation.  Sometime no plan is the best plan.

Big Thicket National Preserve

Not long into my drive up Hwy 69, I come across Big Thicket what a treat.  Big Thicket has a great information center with loads of information about the wildlife and plants in the area.
Part 2  tomorrow (still editing photos)

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